Conference Overview

A business school’s impact has a broad meaning in that, through the articulation and execution of its mission, it should make a difference in the international community of management educators, the global business practice, and the broader economies of nations.

The business school’s impact can thus be discussed in terms of three main aspects: Academic impact, Corporate impact and Social impact. Each of these may be evaluated on the business school’s measurable achievements in fostering entrepreneurship, producing program innovation, and supporting not only leading-edge academic research, but also research that has a powerful effect on globalized business practice.

Therefore, how should we develop a mission-guided work agenda to increase business schools’ impact? What is the effect of the impact agenda on business schools? How it may through its activities bring real positive changes to the world? These are questions that business schools around the world are engaged with, and that impel all our opportunities for future progress.

With the celebration of 100 anniversary of Antai College of Economics and Management, the 7th International Business School Shanghai Conference will welcome more than 250 deans and directors from leading business schools and management education institutions around the world to promote the development of business education in China, Asia and globally.


Who should attend

Leaders (presidents, vice presidents, deans, associate deans) from global business schools and their parent universities;

Directors in international accreditation or international programs;

Leading executives in business education from the private sector.

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